Australia’s leading developer and supplier of

specialist oncology eHealth systems

About Charm Health

With over 45 successful deployments since 2000, Charm Health has grown to be Australia’s leading supplier of specialist oncology eHealth systems. Our solutions are used by leading public and private health providers of cancer care.  Our flagship product CHARM™ delivers comprehensive multi-site functionality that manages the clinical and administrative coordination of all aspects of a patient’s cancer care. Charm Health solutions mitigate compliance, clinical, financial and administrative risk by ensuring the most up to date patient information is available to all healthcare providers, in real time, when making important clinical and prescribing decisions. In the past decade over 65,000 patients have had their treatment managed using Charm Health solutions.  

Driving value in cancer care service delivery

Charm Health creates information solutions that enable healthcare providers to focus on their direct patient centric activities throughout their treatment journey. Charm provides tools that improve communications and automate repetitive tasks, whilst accommodating the complex rules and clinical requirements of specialist cancer care treatment protocols. Click here to read more.

Health systems are under pressure due to increases in cancer diagnosis and survival rates, aging populations, workforce shortages and escalating treatment costs
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